IDA - The Insights and Discovery Accelerator

The first out-of-the-box, newsroom-ready solution for journalists

Harness the power of Microsoft Azure AI to speed and scale investigations and research, so you can find critical content in a sea of data.

What can IDA do for YOU?

Ida helps you make sense of large quantities of data - text, scanned documents, images or video - and helps you see the stories within:

Extract Data

Convert randomized files into indexed and highly organized data sources.​

Discover & Sort Entities

Use AI to extract, interpret and understand information faster than any human. ​

Visualise Relationships

Go beyond search to discover patterns, relationships and insights.

Explain the Narrative

Create value out of otherwise inaccessible archives​ and tell your story.

The Problem

How can publishers & journalists quickly sort through mountains of data to locate relevant content in an ever-accelerating news cycle?

The Idea

To use Azure Cognitive Services combined with modern AI tools to identify & classify all content types and formats at speed and scale. 

The Solution

Thereby, extracting insights and patterns from the data, allowing them to create timely & impactful narratives with their stories. 

How it Works

IDA uses Azure AI to rapidly index vast quantities of data, including documents, photos, emails, PDFs, audio and video.

Then it extracts key entities like people, places, things and dates, and intelligently finds connections between them.

IDA is easy to deploy, and the results are presented in easy-to-navigate visualizations that delivers engaging and meaningful stories for readers. 

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Who We Are

Enlighten Designs are a Gold Microsoft Partner, specializing in data analytics solution.

We are working with Microsoft to simplify data-driven journalism by harnessing the power of AI. With IDA, we are able to provide journalists like you a scalable solution for news search for both the written and spoken word. 

The future of storytelling is beautiful, interactive and data-driven with the Insights & Discovery Accelerator, also available on Azure Marketplace.

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